Until The Last Moment

Collecting memories

Of what once was, and what is present.

Walking down a lane of images,

I stand ready to embrace

The future.


At what slipped; lost.

Taking in what is left.

I ready to accept

My past failures.

Turning slowly,

Without fear,

I become aware

Of the sky I ignored,

Of the water I didn't drink.

Of the people I didn't mourn.

Things slip, and  life ends.

I depart now, without fear,

In hopes that you will

See what I failed to see,

Feel what I failed to touch,

And love who I failed to seek.

Love, Learn, and Live,

Until your last moments arrive.

In your departure, smile,

See your footprints,

And let new ones form

On our soil.


- Alejandro Bonfil

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thank you Yanni for this inspiration.

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sanctus's picture

This is OK, a bit cliched

This is OK, a bit cliched though

SpiltMilk's picture

The poem is not cliched at

The poem is not cliched at all once you listen to the song at the same time as you read it. There is a big difference. 

I liked the poem, but once I read it with the song, I absolutely loved it!! I'll be spending my day continuing to learn this song on piano hahaha :)