I dont want to lose my world

   Ever woke up and realized you belong to someone else?

That you are completely and wholly theirs?

Your every word

every move

every breath

is no longer yours.

The world keeps spinning because they are there.

Gravity means nothing

as they are what holds you onto solid ground.


And when you start to lose the person who owns you

the rest of you goes with them.

You cant breath

cant move

cant speak

cant even think

without that person in your life.



He IS my soul mate.

I dont want to lose my world.

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joarth21's picture


too much love... one reason why people are scared to have an emotional attachment...

the poem is cool though~

~* Don't chase success, just love what you do! And let success follow you! *~

kick.ass.lass's picture

Felt that feeling

That feeling scares the shit out of me... maybe thats why I run away...

AJaidov's picture

Its scary

It terrifies me but I feel it all the time with my man. Whenever we fight I back down if that feeling starts.