Manipulation and control

I tell you when to stay

I tell you when to go

I make you feel bad

whenever you say no

I love you under conditions

you better not dare try to think on your own

I want to watch this movie

I want to go here

I can go out and drink

you can't even sip a beer

I want to keep you with a frown

It gives me joy to see you moap around

I like feeling tall

while you feel so small

I get you to do what I want you to do

everytime I feel so upset

it's so unfair

it's been happening all along

I never had a clue

Mindgames and my way

or the highway

this is no way to live

gotta get out

somethings got to give!!!!!!!

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Oh, I've had my fair share of

Oh, I've had my fair share of being under that spell. Manipulation sucks...

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Yes me too

I see myself in other people

I was inspired to write

abuse is not ok

everyone deserves well being