What occurs is what you allow

I'm so unhappy

even my own family betrays me

I keep letting it happen

I don't care what your title is

If you don't treat me well

you have to go

Love doesn't hurt

abuse should not be

when I get away from you

that is when I feel free

I don't want this

I want it to stop

I can't take it anymore

it feels like I am going to pop

How did it get like this

how could I let this be

My past abused me

now your abusing me

we do what we know

but now that I know

I can't stand it one more minute

I have to get my bags packed

it's really time to go........

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absolutely! Stand up and walk

absolutely! Stand up and walk away from that. Life is so much happier when you can let go of the abusive ones. At least that's what I have found. I love them from afar. But can't let that kind of behavior infect me anymore. No more... good write.

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I agree 100%

This poem is really how I feel.

I have never been so liberated.

I am happy.

I have peace.

I really learned the definition of well being! :)

Thanks for the response.

I hope whoever reads this understands they are worth more than any type of abuse!

Abuse is never ok!

Everyone counts!

We all deserve to be happY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D