After Eight Years

I still remember of you even though you betrayed 
Myself with someone who was evil from the inside 
But from the outside I truly named him best friend. 

After eight years I spent the nights who seems more 
Darker and full of looniest after I used to watch from 
Your eyes a shine bright moon in the middle of the night. 

The blood that flows in my veins now flow with a huge 
Pain that seems more like a Cancer, after you donated 
Your own blood to my body who was like a feather of bird. 

I thread my mouth so I won't hurt you with any words that 
Might break our love that almost stayed for one year and 
A half, as well so I won't be flirting with my poems to others. 

I confused to the whole world that I loved you more than it should 
Only because you Kept feeding me with the taste of parting 
That I would never thought of doing such a think to you. 

After eight years I still feel missing some unseen pains and wounds 
The tear in my eye seem more like a candle wax that can't be remove 
In my chest heartburn can never be shut off only if I can forget you both 
Dirty game that really need a big award from my broken heart.