Beside Me

Talks with God

The darkness of night is fading

I am waking, slowly, reluctantly

Am I ready to start another day?

Or does sleep beckon me "for just a little more"

The morning sun is streaming in

Chasing away the traces of the night

Another days new challenges to meet

Am I up to the task?

I stretch, yawn, roll over and

My gaze falls upon you.....Beside Me

A warmth encompasses me, surrounds me

It is not your arms, nor your embrace

This warmth is comforting, peaceful

I feel this warmth envelope me from within

I look upon your face, and I know

With an assurity - at times unsettling

That it is because of  -  Your Everlasting love

Your love... inspiring and unconditional

Your love... without bounds, sure and true

Your love... expressed in those eyes.....Beside Me

I am humbled and so deeply touched at the love

So present there for me to look upon

For I know if I live righteously, with prayer & scripture study

Repenting with a sincere heart & contrite spirit when I've wronged

My faith and testimony will continue to expand and grow

And yet I am reminded as I gaze upon your form

Of how often I have stumbled along

Content to go it alone, sure in my choices

Only to be gently reminded by the Holy Ghost.....Beside Me

For that sure strong voice is ever present

If I but listen to his promptings

You blessed me with goodly parents

Whose loving and spiritual guidance - set my foundation

Who through my life have often been there

To help re-enforce the building of block upon block

For two older sisters and the unique and special bonds we share

And for my brother whose life's judgements

Have reached me -  far into the depths of my soul

To again have your presence.....Beside Me

Up and dressed this day now begins

Breakfast, carpooling, kids to school, husband to work

Errands to run, bills to pay, house to clean

Did I remember to start my day with prayer?

Or did the rush of life's daily routine waylay me

Oh yes, I have much to be grateful for

My husband  - whose heart and health I hold most dear

Friend, lover, father to our children, supporter, soul-mate

A man who has great potential - but whose pain holds him back

I pray for an Eternity with You Both.....Beside Me

Our oldest daughter, beautiful, loving, independent

She is my prodigal whom I can fully see

Has to travel her own path to find her way back

Our middle – a son, handsome, loving, spiritually strong

His battles in life began early...but with each he has grown

He meets each challenge with his faith, humor and compassion

Our youngest daughter, beautiful, loving, courageous

An innocent Child of God...who has endured and suffered much

She has been tempered, What great things has she yet in store

Little Children, almost grown, Gift from You.....Beside Me

The earth held still with winters chill breath

The snow shimmering crystal white upon the ground

The days are short, and the nights pass long

There's quiet cold stalking the warmth within

Yet ever so slowly, these days pass by

I marvel at your wondrous deeds emerging

For all around the changes come

There's a warmth now upon the breeze

As the seasons change from winter, to spring to summer

I am delighted to embrace the beauty with you.....Beside Me

Natures chance to seeds reborn, spring blossoms reach full bloom

The buds reveal their newly grown wealth

And yet I am reminded now, of other things reborn

And the deeper meaning there

Upon your head a crown of thorns

The heavy cross you're forced to bear

But, as I gaze upon your face, the tears begin to well

My heart and soul so deeply wrenched

At the lesson your actions teach

An obedient and faithful Son passes.....Beside Me

Upon the heavy cross you bore, they laid your body bare

Your arms splayed wide, hands nailed to wood

The unrighteous and unjust rejoice

One foot upon the other nailed there for all to see

A soldiers sword thrust deep in your side

They labeled you a "common thief"

Yes, they mocked your Father outright & called you "King of Kings"

This sacrifice so freely given, You suffered for all men's sins

An obedient Son, sure and strong

As Our Father's eternal plan you fulfill.....Beside Me

Reflecting back upon my past, with newly open eyes

I marvel at your patience and understanding

Humbled that You would atone for my many sins

For I was taught as a child how to live the gospel

Yet as a youth and into adulthood - I chose another path

Often thinking it was easier and more beguiling

How the adversary must have delighted in my stupidity

For often those choices brought pain, sorrow, and hardship

But with your infinite wisdom - You touched Me

With those who are.....Beside Me

I had decided long ago, NOT to question, "Why Me?"

But, "Why Not Me?"   What does the Lord have planned?

What is there for me to learn from this?

Never imagining that it would be through the suffering of loved ones

That you would teach me my greatest lessons

It would seem that at my darkest hour

When life's challenges seemed to be beyond endurance

When hope was just a four-letter word

And death was more inviting than life

You called  -  "Peace be with You,"  be.....Beside Me

Yes, I have much to be grateful for

For family and friends who have generously offered

Their love, support, counsel, their prayers and blessings

For the renewal of my faith and testimony after a 25yr loss

And new found friends within our Ward Family

Yes, I have much to be grateful for

A prayer soul-fully offered  -  Humbly asked

A prayer divinely answered  -  a calling made

Guiding me towards a sure footed path

For showing the way...You walking.....Beside Me

There is so much of the gospel yet to learn

I find the more I study and read the scriptures

I am like a child in a candy store

For it brings such joy and happiness to me

There are wondrous concepts to grasp

Which inspire you to share there profoundness

You can find love, betrayal, guidance, comfort, faith,

Censure, commandments, obedience, sacrifice

There are truths revealed from Prophets past and present

So easily attainable when He counsels.....Beside Me

A few months ago I was given a picture of Jesus

And asked to put it somewhere

Somewhere where I could see it everyday

I decided to put it on the mantle near my bed

Every morning I would awaken to it there

Throughout my day, my gaze would often be drawn to it

Many times finding myself studying the likeness

For depending on my willingness and worthiness

His countenance is responding to my needs

And it speaks volumes and volumes

But always the response most profoundly heard

Was  "Come Unto Me"   Be.....Beside me

And yet as I share my thoughts and feelings

I know in the deepest part of my soul

That for each of us - it must begin with prayer

Words humbly spoken and shared with Our Heavenly Father

In the name of His Son, Jesus Christ

Born witness by the Spirit of the Holy Ghost

Are the most profound - any man, woman, or child, can utter

His promise is made time...upon time...upon time

Quote Matt 7:7-8  

Ask: and it shall be given you,

  Seek: and Ye shall find,

   Knock: and it shall be opened unto you

For everyone that asketh:   recieveth

  And he that seeketh:   findeth

   And to him that knocketh:   it shall be open

I would encourage each and everyone of you

To begin today, with me...

To humbly and sincerely offer your daily prayers

For what Greater treasure could there be

Than to have

    Our Heavenly Father

       His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ

           and the Holy Ghost


                 Beside  You and Me


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