To feel his warmth
Seep through my skin...
He held me as if
Letting go would hurt
With the memory of his kiss
stained on lips
Something changed in me that night
To never be reversed
He is the mystery of the moons distant waltz
Aglow with hidden truths and secret treasures
He is the radiance of the suns wistful rays
Keeping me warm through seasoned weather
He is the caress of fire; the taste of ice
A brush from his lips makes time linger
The world pales in comparison to his touch,
For Heaven dances at the tips of his fingers
My skin hums
at the closeness of him
Wings, flutter uncontrollably behind caged ribs
My heart pounds harder, as if trying to escape;
But should it succeed, I'd want it to be his
I find myself breathless between subtle glances
As if he sees right through to my bones
And at night he honors my dreams with the sweetest of invasions
But I'd be content to feel his breath come & go with my own
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I thank you for the way you expressed your feelings in certain magical words. Great!

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Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you liked it. :)