The World's Wettest Kiss


All you are is a fantasy
I know you're there,
But I can't reach you
So close, seconds near
But time, again, defeats you
A therapeutic touch
You have the ability to heal
I see our hands like roots, entwined,
But I'm unable to feel,
Are you real?
Or just an aching memory left to tease?
We're surrounded, this I know
But you make me feel like it's just you & me.
I hear your voice,
Like a ghost left to taunt
But I need you in the flesh,
To satisfy this lingering want
I see you in my dreams,
& in them I'm so demanding
I desire nothing more
Than our lips to meet in a fiery understanding
To trace my tongue with yours
A game of hide & seek
I get my pleasure from the suspense,
So close your eyes & don't you peek!
Spill your kisses into me,
Like honey from a hive
& I'll drink from your lips of nectar
Drunk on the sweetest wine
Tell me you need my warmth
Enclosing around your own
& hold my hands tightly
For they have the tendency to roam
Caress your lips with mine
The softest, purest heat
Drown me with your affection
I like them long & deep
Steady & clean, even in my dreams
Nothing could compare to this
Your tongue that grazes,
The softest places
Is the worlds wettest kiss


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You have..

some really wonderful lines in here,

and your flow was very good.

I love the way you broke everything down,

and how you ended it.

Well done.


"We are, Each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another." -Luciano De Crescenzo

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sometimes I miss when kissing

sometimes I miss when kissing was just kissing and it was amazing and inspired poetry, seems like these days kissing is a lost art 

Much Love


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Juicy read! 

Juicy read! 

"You think Einstein walked around thinking everyone was a bunch of dumb-shits?"

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No doubt one of the most

No doubt one of the most sensuous poems I have read to date. Delicious, lavish, and so, so wet. I am!

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Thanks for reading.


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Great read gave me the

Great read gave me the tingles :P

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Wow. I got drunk just reading

Wow. I got drunk just reading this poem.

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;) <3

;) <3