My Grandparents' Spoon Collection

The room is dark, yet I see glimmering spots on the wall. As I reach the edge of the room, I see the spots are beautifully crafted and decorated spoons. The spoons envelop three out of the four walls of the room. Counting them would be a whole days work. Each spoon represents a place my grandparents have visited. To the right of the fireplace, you catch a glimpse of Germany and Hawaii. Next to the cabinet, you can visit Spain and Japan through the pictures on the spoons. Behind the dinner table, African and Indonesian spoons reflect the light coming in through the draped windows. The room is filled with an almost mystical energy that makes me feel that I am surrounded by history. In a way that is true, because they date back to the middle of the 20th century and every single spoon has a story behind them that only my grandparents know. I have only been lucky enough to hear about and experience a few of the stories. One of my favorite spoon belongs to the time when my grandparents, my aunts and my mother, went to China. In their trip, they went to the Great Wall of China and to the markets near it. My grandmother eyed the spoon at the same time my mother decided it was a good idea to stand behind a camel. The spoon was bought and moments later my mother was kicked by a camel. Another great story involves my grandparents and my whole family in New Zealand. After a long day of exploring a city with a beautiful view of the Kiwi bay, we sat down in a restaurant with a beautiful view. A few moments, after we had finished our meals, we walked down the street and started eyeing the souvenirs at the store nearby. The moment my grandfather picked up the spoon he wanted to buy, an earthquake dropped the spoon out of his hand. My whole family started freaking out. However, the spoon was bought, and because of it my grandparents remember the earthquake and the histrionic reactions of the whole family. In a way, the spoons represent the life my grandparents have lived. A single spoon is a just a souvenir with a nice backstory, but the whole collection on the wall is more than that. It is two lives spent travelling the world, learning about life, enjoying their family, and sharing joy. My grandparents spoon collection is a lifetime full of adventures and great memories perched on the wall.

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