Cathartic Liberation

Here comes the downer,
The falling from my pedestal,
Smashing my knees on the impact of the fall.
Thought I was so high and untouchable,
Now I’m a worm crawling across the floor.

Chewing at my skin to find the feeling,
Self-preservation in a tightly-wound cocoon.
Hollow on the inside,
The scream is nothing but a sigh,
Trying to hide the pain,
But this heart is shared and isn’t all mine to have.

A face painted with beauty that has no ego,
Is a watercolour that blurs in my mind.
I reach out and touch perfection,
It dissolves in ripples by my own hand.

Here comes the upper,
The muscle tightens as I run on scarred limbs.
High on my cathartic liberation,
For the first time my reflection meets my gaze.
Burning the pedestal,
There’s more to myself than my selfish needs,
So much to live for,
Time has an infinite story.

I search to find the limit to my own evolution,
Hindsight comes with the regret of being too slow.

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