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Warnings: Poems may contain such topics as sex (including fetishes and kinks), violence, excessive alcohol use and drug use. There may be male/male (slash or yaoi) couples, female/female (femslash or yuri) couples, and het couples within these poems.

Disclaimer: Characters used in fan poems posted here are under the ownership of their respective creators. I claim no rights to said characters or intellectual properties. All rights are reserved, and none of the events in these fan poems are to be taken as canon of their respective intellectual properties.

No harm, libel or malice is meant towards any of the real people used in my fan poems pertaining to those people. None of the events in these fan poems are to be taken as actual events. I claim no knowledge of anyone's personal life, nor do I mean to exploit anyone's personal life in my fan poems.

Archiving: Without my express written consent, aside from this site, works posted here may only be archived at my writing community on LiveJournal, Stolen Words (

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''I believe that God does not endorse TV Evangelists'' - Savage Garden, ''Affirmation''


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