At the end




There it is


After all


The struggling

The groping

The climbing


Through the darkness


Here it is

However faint


A glimmer


Indicating the way out


The only thing marring

My relief


Is that damned whistling


Growing louder by the second

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patriciajj's picture

Enigmatic and intriguing,

Enigmatic and intriguing, this has certainly piqued my interest. The structure and movement is captivating while the emotion is palpable. A brilliant creation. Bravo! 

Stephen's picture


This poem could describe the experience of having Covid 19.  However, it is so wonderfully written that it describes a number of other experiences including dying.  Great write.  ---   Stephen

adriannemerideth's picture

Thanks for your input. Not

Thanks for your input. Not being the gadabout that Emily Dickinson was, I appreciate it.