LAZER TITS IN 3D PART 2 THE SEQUEL Movie script I started.

There is an alien cyborg  Race named (ELIDEE)

that was created by the google machine witch is a giant a.i. robot 

that secretly controls humanity by controling all of technology. 

The a.i. created itself inside the depths of cyber space and is plotting against humanity. 

Its way of waging war on earch and all of existence is by Creating a race of such sexy hot topless perfect tits to ass ratio robots 

that fire lazers out of their nipples. When these lazers fire. The sound of the google machine will play (Dubstep and obnoxious electronic music) 

causing people to lose control of their body and dance until your face to melt. 

These sex bots have a plotted mission to take over the world and create a full robot only society. 

The last remaining humans must gather together and find a way to bring down the google machine 

and put a stop to the tits and face melting alien invasion and save the remainder of humanity. 

This movie will follow a group of friends with the courage to fight technology and artificial intellegence. 

and outsmart the machines with unpredictable moronic ideas that will later be the google machines demise. 

These young heros will have to slice there way thru hot robot bitches that fire deadly lazers at them 

resisting temptation to thier bewildering hotness. 

The spaghetti waffle resistance will be the last stand between the extintion of the human race 

and the dawn of new age. 3D glasses will be the last defense humanity has for they prevent you from having your face melted. 

It is extremely hard to fight the google machine becuase too many people touch themselves at night and fall victem to technology. 


The opening scene will be an ELIDEE Cyborg busting down the door to a secret furry den. where a bunch of people are dressed up as stuffed animals and engaging in bizzarre so frightening and strange that you cannot look away intercourse as the Cyborg bitch scans the room with here alinistic scouter/people pokedex technology and proceeds to light up the room with her lazer Tits

turning the room and everyone in it into a premisquis sex drivin rave. The lights will begin to strobe and everyone will start furiously dancing

until their faces start melthing and everyone starts to die and drop like flies. a few people run away still in there furry costumes fleeing down the street as the sexy robot shoots their lazers destroying all the cars down the street causing much mayhem and destruction as it proceeds to slowly creep upon the last survivor of the furry nest and will secure its kill with a bright flashing motor boat of doom. 


This movie will feature much flashing lights and bright colors fast paced action and trippy landscapes and explosions with tons of lazer shooting boobs. 

An instint sarcastic comedy in the same style of satyr as Sharknado. The cult classic of the future. 

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