Soul Scribe

Blessings to myself.
These are passing times.
I'll be passing through.
Good things are true.
It may be winter outside.
But I feel a bit warmer then the weather.
Inside myself. Dive into a fountain of wealth.
Everybody has been somewhere and done something.
So I cannot focus on the paths of others.
Without addressing my own directions.
Life is not something that has a single answer.
It unfolds and we learn from not knowing.
I couldn’t tell you witch way the wind is blowing.
I am thankful for my inability to tell right from left.
I get lost in a vast wonderland world every time direction is attempt.
Its a nice circle of contempt. No worries.
I learn from the nights I sleep under these open skies.
Cannot contain my heart. I'll swing among the stars.
To infinity and beyond. It's a lovely planet I am on.
Ill manifest my name in lights.
Written in constellations. My destiny lies within in these words.
Impressions take away my aggressions away.
So I set forth and sail away.
Its a journey. A self fulfilling espionage.
Smooth waters never made skilled sailors.
Sinking underneath the water.
That's where you find the hidden treasure.
I plan to leave my hand prints in the universe's architecture.
As something you cannot measure. Forever.
Take these syllables and create a syllabus
My indoctrination In forgotten documents.
So sunlight, its nice to meet you again,
The shadows and the lights.
Softly tango. I wonder how I managed
To get these entities to act so polite.
Balance. My equilibrium is alright.
I am outgrowing this cocoon.
Ill take flight with my newly set of wings.
Once the transformation is complete.
Alchemy of the soul.
Heart of gold.
I burn so bright.
I cast no shadow.
Competing with the sun
In who gives off the most light.

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