A message of hope

We all have done things in life we are intiatally not proud of.
Right now if you are reading this I want you to do something.
I want you to Forgive yourself. No matter what you did.
Guilt is the most damaging emotion one can carry with them.
It causes such intense emotional tides.
Your emotions begin to fluxuiate and its hard to manage yourself.
The situation you are in right now is not what defines you.
Your attitude is what shows who you really are.
Sometimes we get angry and say things we dont mean.
We blame others and ourselves.
Remove yourself from all these negative thoughts.
I know it can be a challenge sometimes.
But, if you are lacking the ability to find it within yourself to smile.
Take that time and put it to good use. Use the pain as motivation.
To inspire others. To make others smile. You will begin to feel alive again.
Nobody is perfect. We all have dreams.
Sometimes we get more than what we bargained for.
We get overwhelmed and all motivation comes to a hault.
We visualize our lives and the present day doesn't add up with our future.
Focus on right now. This very second. Don't worry about anything.
Take 5 seconds and say 5 nice things to yourself. About yourself.
What are you good at? Use a talent you have to help a friend.
Draw a picture. If you enjoy writing.
Tell them how much you appriciate them.
This goes for anything. We all have creativity inside us.
Embrace it. It is your gift. Find your passion. Work to get better.
The most beautiful things in life are priceless.
Life can be confusing at times. But, if we all stick together.
And find a way to help one another. We can begin to find a way.
To change this world. But first we have to change ourselves.
We are all infinite. The mind is endless. Find a way to sooth your soul.
Meditation is key to clearing the mind. Love yourself. Love one another.
We create the reality around us. Our connection with ourselves.
Reflects the beauty of the outside world. Nature is a reflection of YOU.
We are all powerful. We are all worthy. We are all blessed.
The only problem is the perception that their is a problem.
Do something nice for someone else today.
Money doesn't measure success. Graditude does.
Thank yourself and thank others for how far you have come.
This is a message of hope may it find its way to people who need it most.
We are the universe.

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