Ham and cheese

presidents use ham and cheese so you can believe you are nothing more than Ham and Cheese. They are sending signals through radio waves and televisions broadcasting falsettos and idealism's of ham and cheese. The universe is ham and cheese. Heaven is ham and cheese. Hell is ham and cheese. Its a full circle of Ham and cheese. Its a matter of the perspective of Ham and cheese that changes the course of your Ham and Cheese Destiny. ALL WE ARE IS HAM AND CHEESE. THE END IS FULL OF HAM AND CHEESE. I beg you to think past the ham and cheese to see the fractalizing layers of ham and cheese. We are stuck in a gourmet pocket of cheese and ham. A HAM AND CHEESE PARADOX. A ham and cheese time loop that keeps repeating itself like the ham and cheese pi sequence of circles. When you break through the surface of the ham and cheese you will only find more ham and cheese oozing out the walls of the ham and cheese. All you think about is ham and cheese. The thoughts of ham and cheese become visions of cheese and ham that orbit your conscious and find its way into your nervous system that stimulate your taste buds that make you feel the sensual sensation of the HAM AND CHEESE. The ham and cheese then gets in your blood stream and dilates your eyes as it starts to turn your brain into nothing more than ham and cheese. BE AWARE THE HAM AND CHEESE. BEWARE THE HAM AND CHEESE. If you know a love one or a distant relative twice removed by ham and cheese please share this message of ham and cheese hope. No more living off the faith of just ham and cheese. I dream we will one day live in a world of individual ham and cheese. A whole variety of nothing but ham and cheese. Don't let the ham and cheese system bring you down. The only way to fight ham and cheese is to use ham and cheese. This is my words of ham and cheese wisdom. May it reach out to someone who has been needing ham and cheese. I am Joey Joey Drake and I approve this message of ham and cheese. Please share this warning of the coming of the ham and cheese. Ham and cheese is upon us!

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