the forest is very lush green and bright. Full of life. You can hear the birds chattering in the distance. 

The trees are so tall, they tower over everything Like natural skyscrapers. 

You cannot physically see the sun, but the rays come down and reflect off of everything. 

The shrubs are knee high, I am walking slowly brushing my hands against the shrubbery in this forest. 

I am lost, but everything is so beautiful vibrant and bright I dont want to be found. 

I just keep wandering, stopping to take in the beauty. Admiring everything. 

This forrest has eyes. I can tell it is watching me. I can see dark shadowy figures dance.

In and out my vision gliding through the trees. aknowleging my presence yet making know actions towards it. 

They are passive. The sights of these shadows makes me slightly uneasy. But I am guided by my curiosity. 

So I persue one. The shadow knows its being followed. So it slows down slightly. 

As dark and shapeless this figure is, it still hold tremendous beauty. Its a siloutte of a human. 

In and out my vision it keeps appearing. walking and weaving in between trees. 

as I catch up with the figure is begins to talk. 

In a drawn out whisper it asks. 


"What brings you here wanderer?"

I say nothing. I have no response. I dont know why I am in this forrest 

or how I truly got here so I let this shapless being speak. 


"There is great knowledge and truth in these trees wanderer. Everything you have been looking for

can be found where you are completely lost. Do you enjoy being lost wanderer? 

You look as if you never want to be found. The creatures living among these woods possess great power and secrets. 

with a little acceptence and the ability to listen you can learn them. What do you wish to do with the world,

if you could possess such abilities and power yourself. Would you be destructive and ressolve meaningless conflicts. 

Or would you be passive and have a deeper connection with the world. Nobody governs these lands Wanderer. 

The forest can be a dangerously beautiful place to be lost forever. We are all connected. each tree can communicate with its brother 

by whispering in the wind?"


(the shadow pauses for a second and looks around among the trees)


"...Do you hear that Wanderer? Can you hear the trees talking? 

Everything is connected. Full of life. Death is a mere illusion. 

I am your guide wanderer. No need to speak. Just listen. 

We are all gods here. In darkness their is light

You cannot have one without the other. 

They retain the balance here. But you have the ability to manipulate 

the energy and light in any shape or form. We all do." 


I am mesmerized by the words the shadow has been sharing. 

As if its the words I have been waiting to hear my whole life. 

I have no thoughts. I am just listening and watching taking all of this in. 


The shadow begins to conjure an energy orb of white light from the palm of his hands. 

He is able to manipulate it and move it in any such way. The orb of energy that is hovering above the shadows finger tips 

the orb compltelly controlled by this figure. Its dancing around his body. Its beautiful. mesmerizing. It looks blissfull. 

conducting the engery to flow around him to create such beauty that is surrounding him at all times. 

The shadow then summons many of these energy orbs. Little balls of white light. Too many to count. 

they are dancing all around him. swirling like they caught in a current of wind. So many orbs you can no longer see the shadow.

They begin to fill the forrest. dancing among the trees and around me. Like little lights in the sky you can touch. 

I begin to control one of the orbs as I watch it in the palm of my hands and understand how to control this new found ability.

I am getting lost in it. I am moving the orb from my hand down my arm into my other hand. making its dance around my body. 

The orb is then stolen from my control and sent back into the air. They all freeze where they are. 


I just stop and stare. I cant even really feel anything I am so taken by what is around me I forgot how to feel. 

i am in a state of blissful shock. I cannot even move. The orbs then disapear in tiny implosions

they vanish into microscopic energy particules that disapate through out the forest to whitch they have came from. 


The shadow then steps towards me. The figure is facing me, only an arms length away. 

I blink for a split second and the shadow has changed into a mirror image of me. 

I still am unable to comprehend what is happening. I am mesmerized by the shadows power. 

The figure that is a now mirror image of myself. raises his hand outwards to agin balance. and in a series of monk-like martial art movements 

he conjures six shadows beyhind him, ready to do his bidding and listen to his commands. 

The mirror image along with the six shadows all simultaniously rest thier che then vanish into dust into the wind. 


I begin looking in every direction trying to ackowledge what happened. confused. Startled unable to say a word. I begin to turn around and head back the way I came.


The shadow is standing in front of me. 


It whispers, "You as well  can master this power."

then disapears again.


I look into the palm of my hand. With ease I conjure up an orb of energy and light.

I close my eyes. mimic the moves the shadow used to summon the other shadows.

I look back and see I have six shadows standing behind me.

I conjure more energy orbs. I let them dance around me.

I am in full control of this energy. As if I was a puppetmaster with my mind.

I cannot do anything but grin.

Lost in these trees, In this new world. 

I dont ever want to be found.







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ANOTHER WONDERFUL INSTALMENT!!!! I really really am loving your book~ youre on to some great thing here~ awesome stuff hugss

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

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Loved this completely!

Loved this completely! Beautiful story! :)

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