never under estimate a kid with a pocket full of dreams 

and nothing to lose. utilizing any oppertunity for some type of gain. 

being trapped on the bottom. lotto tickets. drugs and false hope. 

the pain sinks in when your broke. to poor to offord food. 

wasting away struggling to keep your head above water. 

sick in the own head. you cant find the strength to get out of bed. 

starving yourself to save your money. 

drug habbits begin to surface, the food is secondary 

you want to escape first. get lost in another reality

becuase this one is all to real. stranded. in place. 

not moving. but constantly changing. 

habits begin to create wounds. visable and mental. 

you push out people. so wrapped up in your head. 

you make all the wrond decisions. 

illusions. I am wondering where I am heading. 

I need some love and reassurence. 

loss for words. I keep struggling 

in and out. this was suppost to pass. 

but these feelings are cutting deep

stealing my sleep. 

where is closure. 

overexposure to substances that amblify your emotions

guide me in the right direction. 

ive burnt all those bridges 

so in order to get myself off the street 

is to run it. dirty money. for the dirty soul. 

losing faith in finding ways out of the bottom. 

here I am. lost. cold and hungry. 

i am going to do what is nessacary for survival. 

good or bad are no longer decisions. 

i wont stay trapped. I wont be stuck. 

some rules and some laws are meant to be broken. 

its time to achieve my dreams. if I die before I get there. 

atleast I attempted to live in the few hours I was awake inbetween sleep. 





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* I attempted to live in few

* I attempted to live in few hours i was awake in between sleep*


It was the hook for me..

Liked it.