Future Streets

Pull the whole over my own eyes. Keep me desensitized. Ignorance is bliss. It makes me feel alive. All these showering thoughts, of rareforms and storms. The world is in distress yet we all contribute to the mess. Keep me sedated. Under these medications. Keep me faded. rehabilitated with repetitive lies. Block out all these distinct cries. Help. evolove. resolve. Decaying under the stars. We are all too far gone. Messy people. With destructive motives. So I tie the rope around my neck. inhale the smoke until I feel no more regret. I regress. and protest these realities that have sprung up from the sewers in our very own streets. demons with teeth. Can you see the writing on the wall? How many have lost their voice? How many have lost their ability to see. Cut the lights. Devolve to violence in the night. We all struggle to find something to believe in. But everything is now tested and proven to be wrong. s We are no longer in the rightful minded. We are Greedy hands with vacant chests where hearts used to take place. How many phases and faces will be destroyed by our lack to commute with each other. lingering trails. venom. eat through our brain. keep us insane. reacting accordingly. to be disposable affordingly. we are the hopless. The orphans of our own streets homes.. We lost our way to the light. now we all plunge into darkness. society is dying. falling on its own sword. a rusty jagged blade. That cuts deep. seeps rust into all of our veins. Plague our heads with ideas that we are all the same. yet we have no control over these compelling flaws they call laws. judgment is diluted. we are lost youth. with wild intentions. We are all on the bottom. as they cash in and spend our time and energy on the top. we eat the seeds out the birdfeeder and we will die when the hand feeding us stops. drowning in cheap thrills. we are slowly finding our way. one by one we are realizing the corroded and corrupted dreams. We are beggining to burst through the seems. You cannot contain us. We are the powerless. the wreckless. The young and the restless. The hungry and the sick. The days are about to get longer. The smoke is about to get thick. Incite our motives. cival warfare to destroy this trap called wellfare. The smell of flesh is in the air. but we are all just keeping our noses down. Its time to rise up. The message is clear. These problems wont disappear. We are angry. We will take action. riots. fire and war. will spread through the streets. The people just want to eat. we are desire. We will set the fire. Its time for this natian to retire.

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