A Shakespear Paradox

I live like a bird on a wire. 

A tight rope walker. 

Balancing love and pain. 

work and sanity. 

leaving me with little filter for profanity. 

I find cheap thrills my paradigim to vanity

with an open mind and a vacant heart. 

feeding my soul with all sorts of sanctuaries and smoke. 

to slip away though the long nights and bitter days. 

Leaving everything a haze. Sometimes I reflect and regret. 

Others days I noticed the slight effect and change in the pretense..

Everything seems to make a liitle more sense. Yet everything seems to be a little less meanigful. 

I hestitated at first to say I am jaded. 

becuase I am eroding in emotions. 

colors are fading to black and white portraits. 

no feeling. numb and vacant. 

no warmth to bring in lush and life into anothers world. 

I am a monetgiue and a capulet. 

at war with myself 

with a means of obtaining a love. 

But That loves resides in a battlefield. 

High tides and blue skies. 

I find indearment and beauty in many eyes. 

Yet I can never aknowledge these glances

untilt the moment ceases. and stops. 

 and its downfall. Writings are definitly on the wall.

Its like catching butterflies. 

I just let them all go. 

I dont pursue what I cant confine. 

I seem to oftenely capture hearts. 

yet I can never make up my mind. 

So I be passive and pretend to be blind. 

its really better to just keep these thoughts inside. 

so I never really explain why I just vanish after a few weeks of trying. 

I live my whole life in fast forward when I am better off rewinding. 

many proverbs in mental poverty. 

little feeling left with gates on my bridges 

that hold many differant kinds of keys and locks. 

I am just a shakespear paradox.





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