Little Regards.

I am closing in, on my happiness.

I wont protest. or regret my luck in the past. 

I found comfort and closure in my bad decisions.

I brought me wisdom showed me light and love.

With that being said. Patience is really not a virtue when you put in the work and when push comes to shove.

I would rather see my life unfold and guess correctly every time.

There is something beautiful about the undefined. 

Stuck in my routines. for ever will be out of line. 

But where is that spark to lighten my life. 

shelter me through the storm and the bad times. 

Getting fucked up is losing its value as a pass time. 

I assure you Im fine.  but I just really want my colors to shine. 

how can I slow down when my ability to survive is based on flooring the accerlation pedal. 

its a little redundant and shitty being the only one who is ever stuck with me. 

But I am growing now. I am getting up. not giving in or giving up. 

I am picking up where I left off. 

to find that motivation to finally get some air to get my feet to lift off the ground. 

Safe and sound I am trying to take me there. 

a one way street is a hard way to meet. 

so I get drunk in public becuase the girls seem to love it. 

But what they dnt get Is ive been drunk all week. 

nothing is new and the feelings are weak. 

I havnt seen myself eat a full meal in almost a week. 

I cant stomache feelings or emotion. 

so I light up and burn away from sobreity. 

to conquer instability with unpredictability. 

intoxicating disaciating with reality 

drunk off love. high off everything. 

passion burns fast and the high deosnt last. 

These issues keep me pushing and trudging my past. 

I am doing good at last. but this is a way of life I truly wish will pass. 

slow down and grow up. 

lay my head down. and sober up. 

I am not giving up. but I have little luck. 

so I regard giving a little fuck. 

to these flaws that many profile as problems. 

But I am moing on and just trying to move up. 

but somedays it seems like  can never make progress

But ill be mixing these drinks and drugs

until I my time comes to get up and get out. to move on and grow up. 

girl be my reason to grow up. 



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Awesome!!!! Love ya! Love ya

Awesome!!!! Love ya! Love ya work! Hugss 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am