And we danced...

The sounds and lights alone were enough for me to be in a trance.

i was in a dream world. I just wish the time would lapse.

The visuals. The feelings. The beauty in the sounds of music.

we all were as one. 

I was lost in a sea of people. Yet I was already found.

Where I wanted to be. But I really couldnt explain what I was seeing.

Then I bumped into you as I was just exploring this vast anew 

Legends say they there is a such thing as love at first sight. I had my doubts. 

But I couldnt help but let my emotions take flight.

50,000 people in this crowd of people dancing and sharing the moment.

But I kept circling around back to you,

Everytime a little more words spoken. a little more body language emoting.

what was this feeling. It was intense more so than me rolling.

Butterflies, smiles. soft sighs. I decided to stay. You were where I wanted to be.

In this vast festivity. a new aged wood stock. 

Last show of the summer I truly found love.


I wrapped my hands around you gave you a hug. 

we danced, smiled and laughed and loved.

It was so easy. I held your hand as the crowd went wild.

I held you close and embraced you.

Your hand in mine. It was so perfect.

Bliss. just simply bliss. Love. All of the above.

I hoisted you up so you could see the world

moving as one to the beat of the bass. 

Such a precious face. We were together.

there as one. sharing the same experiance.


I held you with my hands around your waist. 

You rested your head agianst mine and moved to the music.

I said "thank you for experiancing this with me"

The you kissed my cheek.

I grabbed your hand and twirled you around.

This was are ballroom dance. and we danced. 

I pulled you towards me with your hands resting around my neck. 

I said "I couldn't ask for anything more than this" 

than we kissed. 


It was the perfect kiss. Debilitating bliss.

I felt it through my body. Every sense tingling.

Your skin smooth as I grabbed your waist. 

Your lips soft as we kissed like lovers in the night.

It felt right. I wanted it to never end. 

Its the kiss that made me remember

how beautiful the world could be.

a crowd of people. rejoicing. dancing. 

lights flickering, strobing. Fireworks lighting the sky.

confetti shot in the air. lazers and smoke creating such a beautiful chaotic place.

Low bass you could feel in your body. as we held each other close. 

Its as if everyone was rejoicing as we kissed. 

dancing. romancing. My body. My life was in a sedative state of happiness.

stripped of all negativity. 

It was so perfect is was overwhelming. Tears of happiness. Of joy.

This is what love feels like. Not once was it ever this intense. and precious.

 I found clarity in our connection. I hope you give me the direction. to your heart.

I dont want another false start. I just want you to come in my life again.

Will I find you again? You live so far away. I need to feel that love again.

It was everything worth living for. I am in shell shock. a love lock.

unable to cope with these lingering effects of what happened. 

I am glad it happened. But I wish it never ended. can it begin again?




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" I am in shell shock. a love lock."


I can realte to these two lines more than I wish I could right now :( only maybe I feel more dead lock than love lock....still they hit me and made me "this fucking sucks" inside so :)


there are a few spelling and grammar mistakes which take away from things, maybe have a friend or someone proof read it, at one point you said are when I think you meant our and that through me off, I lost the beat of the poem because I had to stop and figure out what you were saying. 


as for the content, I don't know the link below is one of my fav love poems, I think it may be relevant, hoep you enjoy :) 

Much Love


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Magnificent and bbeautiful!

Magnificent and bbeautiful! Hugss! 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ยก$&am