Water filled lungs

My eyes are wide open. Yet its to dark to see. No sense of direction. No idea of where I might be. The only thing I can focus in on is the sound of water crashing around me. Its by no means soothing. These are violent waves. I cannot swim. For I have no sense of direction. I am stagnant in a very unsettling place. The more I move my arms and flail my body to keep my heads above this water the more I sink. I cannot tell the temperature of this water. My body is completely numb to all feeling. So my guess is its ice cold. I cannot focus in on any thoughts but one. "Where am I?" I feel myself starting to panic. I am now struggling to keep my head above this tide. I flail and fight more. I sink more. I weigh to much. I am now completely submerged. I feel the sensation of water filling my lungs. I reach out in every direction. I still cannot see. The salt is burning my eyes. I lost all sense of direction. I am unsure witch way to try and attempt to throw my body. Choking. I can feel now. I am freezing. This water is freezing. My lungs are freezing. Despite how much I fight. I am helpless. I am drowning. The more I resist the more seconds I shave off of my existence. So I wait. Completely submerged. I wait for it to be over with. Everything is so black. Yet its getting darker. I am choking. And my body is spazzing. I am getting tired. My body is growing tense. I am sure its over. I know so. Theres no escaping this. I lose consciences and the life is drained. I wake up in my bed gasping for air. Trying to cough up water that isn't even there. I am extremely hot. I am sweating. Its still pitch black. I now have a second to reflect. I say nothing. I am not scared and I barely react. My alarm sounds. Its time to start the morning...

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great writting

I really felt like it was happening.. I understood everything so well. you are an amazingg writer :D