I have found some composure

in my late night exposures

to new sounds and grounds 

that take me away from the ground

nothing on the surface but blotched colors and perfect

beauty leaves the stage open for any open act. 

no time to react no thoughts but just to feel my body trance

the sound penetrates the skin 

I feel as if I am lost within the same song that plays out forever

in a perfect memory deep within My subconscious

as if my life was waiting to feel the tingle of the powder drip 

every sense elivated. every worry elliminated

the sweat trickles down my body as my fingers tickle from the overwhelming touch 

of this girls body rubbing up gainst mine to the rythem of the beat

I dont know her name but were not even discreate 

an added bonus to a perfect night were on the floor in everyones sight

were here for the sex and music

electrifying. The senses. stunning.

It feels like sex for hours. forever feeling the feeling right before coming.

my body is bursting from my senses

Feeling unstoppable I find beauty irresistable

inconsolable and insatiable

a limelight to the bright lights

an afterglow lingers in the memories at night

followed by smoke loaded through straight pipes

inhale exhale then we come down

sleep sound

this is one hell of a drug Ive found.

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