Soft Skin.

its a hollow pain.

not knowing where its stemming from.

Im happy. I am safe.

But it still can hurt to smile somedays.

i crave touch. attention.

a hand on my chest as we lay in bed just to feel that I am near.

its been so vacant. in my mind and bed.

many things go unsaid. I feel brittle.

I need a place to cry. a person to wipe my tears.

make me fight my fears. alone. unlucky. alone.

its frightening. I worked so hard to climb away from death drugs and misfortune.

I have all my essentials. food water and a place to eat. friends and fun.

but I just want to just lay in the sun with someone.

keep me up at night laughing as we talk through the night.

life can get incredibly lonley.

I fought this pain. I won the battle.

BUt I still am blind to any feelings or touch of anyone.

kiss my cheeck. kiss my neck. look me in the eyes.

tell me you stole my heart and I wont ever get it back.

Relax. let life unfold. waiting is the hardest part.

I just crave the touch of soft skin.

a hand in mine to show me im fine.

becuase sometimes I forget while I breathe.

I fight and sometimes succeed, BUt rarely am I releived and loved. 

just lay with me.

tell me your dreams. Tell me your secrets.

I got scars. I can show you if your interested.

but really I just want to sleep soundly next to you in my very own bed. 


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running_with_rabbits's picture

:) you captured what I miss

:) you captured what I miss and love most about love


the line which really gets to me in my depths is


"Relax. let life unfold."

that is the perfect wording for the love I am looking for


Can I add it to my fav quotes on fb?

Much Love


ADAPT's picture

I would be honored if you did

I would be honored if you did that. :)

its a strange thing that words Of a stranger can capture your emotions. 

Its simple things like this that make keep writing. Thank you. 


running_with_rabbits's picture

:) that is the beauty of

:) that is the beauty of writing...conection. we write to cope, read to relate/understand, share our writing to conect with humanity :)


thanks fot the share

Much Love