Demonic Headnotic Heartbeats

In your dreams I am the wolf.

sinking my teeeth into your neck

as your succomb to fear.

yet a sense of unfamilar

foriegn and demonic

lustful and headnotic

keeps you curious

unpredictable wild and full of thrills

you see dreams never wasted 

a life with no need for patence 


I am a master deciver

the demon with angel wings

red eyes witch desensitize

my prey as I paralyze them

with the posion of my wordplay

no escape they are here to stay

a toxic brew chemicals you inhale

I am oxegyn I flow through your veins

make you arch your back and make your toes curl

give your whole body this numbing gold chill

Ill take the heart for kill

I draw in. near. closure.


You can feel the beat of my heartbeat.

the sound of a kick drum.

rapid movements as you scream out in lust

in a hush lush of ambient sound.

its profound but I am a deviant

a soul capturing succulant

words of the wise.

it wont be perminant

you will once again gain conscienceness

this wont be a demise

I am only hear to open your eyes.

as your body wimpers and cries as I am distant.


provactive as you wish to be intimant.

sex soundscapes of further intentions 

of exploring the senses

I am hear to dine and dash.

get what I want and not pay up with my time.

premiscuous I am defined through touch.

my actions are so loud you cannnot hear me.

to predict my path. this is my wrath

over your body as you lapse and roll your eyes

as you lay on your back.

struggling to grab any object near you that is intact

as you exhale from the whimpers and sighs of sanctuary

ill give you everything just for tonight.

but ill leave a void in your chest.

I circle my prey before I pounce 

gurenteed prey as you prey I stay.

and truth is. I want it to be that way.

dont think. just act.

whipser what you wish to say 

as you cherish the time I am near.


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I enjoyed this read. (you

I enjoyed this read. (you have a few spelling typos.. don't know if you care) Anyway. Dark... I liked.

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