Vampire Bites

I am out of my pretenious cage.

no longer breathing stale air form my confined box.

like an untrained dog.

when the opertunity door opens,

I run, I run for any open ground.

I stay clear of the walls

that I am so convinced will fall upon me.

crushing my lounges when I finally have my sigh of relief.

well here is sigh of relief.


This time there is no walls around me for miles.

I am free and wild. living like a child.

The meadow is clear of any dangers.

But in the night I have many preditors. 

the jagged fangs and razer sharp claws of the sleeping forests shadows. 

by nightfall the ground will be my personal gallows. 

But my body will just be a piece of food thrown in the trophel. 

the creatures crawl through my dreams.

infesting and infecting my body through my veins.

as my body is unware in its sleep like minded unconscious.

the poison of paralysis can leave me hindered of all but my emotions.

sending shivering dibilitating pain straight to my head.

as these demonic creatures sink they're teeth into my neck.


I wont be crippled by the night stalkers.

I came way too far to just be labled an aimless walker.

Its fight and flight. hack and slash make my own path.

as I keep what I treasure curled up in my hands.

as a weapon. the last peice of heaven.

the captured memories I have bound up in my pocket.

the wallet whith is now my traveling memory closet.

Its a very well hidden place.

where I can simply be at haste in my salitary sanctuary.

as I fugure out witch mask of illusion I can now wear.

and bare to fend off these reapers that enter my world.

through my pineal gland.


The third eye is the door to my evils. 

and I have escaped into my very own induced neverland.

the wonderlust brought upon myself with the lack of willpower for lush.

so here I am stranded in the strangeland. in unconscious wonderland.

down the rabbit hole with no control.

Ill take this world with agrression.

devastate everything that could be a threat that has landed on my plate.


then I wake up in a lapse.

No idea where time went perhaps.

I was fighting the self created mental wars.

that swirl in my head like metaphors.

I am falling through trap doors.

I am racking up an uncountable number of severe cuts.

every fight I fight like its my last stand.

so one day the world will underestimate

my will to fight for what I desire.

as I take everything I can.

witch is everythig the world has to offer.

The pain has no more composre. 

so this is closure. 


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I effing LOVED this! Like your style a lot. Haven't seen you in a while. Nice to...