Long Distance Dissonance

My thoughts are a bit undefined.

I feel compelled and a bond towards something

so far away. I am affraid the distance will eat away

at my heart if I tried to go out of my way to stay

in the arms of this heart I so much adore.

what can I do. am I just overthinking this?

or does her pressence induce bliss.

Just her letters and words keep me a peace.

level headed and minded.

what If I leaned in for a kiss. 

would It feel like much more than this.

or get in the way of feelings that are amidst 


I find my heart wondering If I try to pick her up

and hold her from all the way over here.

I see many others living together happy as ever.

an hour away seems like a lot of weather

to creep in under my door and let me know I still sleep alone

even if we fall asleep on the phone


am I just feeling captive becuase I am alone

and singled out from the world in relations

with love and affections

well I feel the effects of some built up affections

so I am thinking is long distance really worth 

all the trouble. its harder

does it make the heart grow founder

but my heart cannot grow much larger

falling asleep next to another

is the onlything I wish on my shoulder


a pureist surrealist romance artist

Ill make love an art with just the touch of skin

its emotions like this

that set me up for sentiment and sin

so where do I begin

this distence has me stretched thin.

worth my troubles. or are girls dime a dozen

and love just something anyone could find in each other

why do I think so much. I must really care about her.

Ill go the distence until my heart will shatter. 

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fabulous write. Loved it!

fabulous write. Loved it!