Quest Libido

I should be sleeping.
easier said than done.
I slaved the day away.
I am starving for fun. or the feeling of someone.
go about the day in my head work is so loud.
I can only speak to myself .
I am empty most days. I show it by shrugging everything off.
I feel a bit avoided. a little bit tired. and most of all alone.
even when I with the friends.
I feel as if I am for ever extending out to something.
longing and maybe wishing. for something.
Somewhere to change.
take me from this forever repeating day after day living in my own land.
its old lonely and tiring. work is nondepreciating.
hard wet and cold. No rest or love for the wicked.
so Forever I guess ill stay bold. grow my hair out and look a little old.
for these days are not changing no matter how warm.
I am still shivering from the emptiness that dwells in my bed.
I guess I am never well said. I dream more than I achieve.
and I achieve little to nothing but same. same everything.
I need a change. I need a rearrange.
for I am feeling a little more strange.
as my hands get destroyed and deranged from the long hours at work.
That the money goes when It comes .
sun rise to sun set. I feel a tad bit regret.
that I ever let a few close people go.
I could use an embraceable hug right now.
for most of my efforts and everything I work for falls apart.
and everything I fight for is in vein.

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