Dead Feelings

Love is two one way streets
leading the opposite directions.
You can have a full sense of direction
Yet can drive and drive and never reach your destination.
This is my interpretation.
I have found what I believe worth while
I see the most beautiful destination
five feet in front of me.
But it drifts forever out of reach.
Its a little overwhelming
a little cultivating
leaving me forever not satisfied

I am giving into pride
chasing a feeling
that long ago died
a memory that does not exist in her mind.
I still run and chase cars
in the opposite direction
just to try and touch what I could never have.
Yet I still have faith...

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ScarlettLetter's picture

Pretty good. emotions don't

Pretty good. emotions don't die....they come up in another time.


darkpool's picture

It doesn't sound to me that

It doesn't sound to me that those feelings are dead yet. Do they ever die?