summer camp music festival

(A Poem I wrote about scamp and the love I found there) 


I could speak an infinite amount of words 

Yet still struggle trying to describe 

How I felt when the lights 

Shined in our eyes 

Only way to reflect is in silence 

Because it takes my breath away 

Beauty so strong 

it has made my heart run stray 

Shower me in love 

Like rain from above 

As if it was written in the stars 

To be close to you. 

Sometimes forever is just a moment. 

If I spend that second with you. 

I condone it. I own it. 

Enjoy the silence. 

I sigh as I stare at the sky. 

I know we're looking at the same space. 

Living in the same place. 

Fonder I grow. 

Yet so little do I know. 


I feel so close to you right now. 

As if I could touch the sky. 

I say good morning to the sun. 

So the moon can tuck you in at night. 

I have faith the  stars will Kiss you right

Touch. It's not just physical. 

I sense you by my side. 

And on the other side of the planet 

You reside. 

Let's run away together in our dreams. 

To a place we made up. 

Where the weather is always perfect. 

Floating away to paradise 

It's always sunshine in your eyes. 

Like living eternally with my saving grace. 

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