power to the local dreamer

Power and support to the local dreamers. 

Here's some encouragement to everyone. 

If you love something so much. 

It will come to you. Be patient. 

Be kind. Help others find their way. 

Then eventually when the stars align.

When you least expect it. 

You will get yours. Keep working. 

Do what you love everyday. 

Don't give into fear. 

Never give up. 

Sometimes progress takes time. 

Time you cannot measure. 

Remember who you are 

What you stand for. 

Be greatful everyday. 

And one day. 

Your world will change. 

The world will change into how you feel. 

You will acquire all the love and effort

You put into life. 

Success is not money. 

Success is accepting failures. 

Trying any and new ideas along the way. 

You may lose everything. 

But that's when you will find yourself. 

So if you hit bottom. 

Be greatful for all you endure. 

Fight to keep smiling. 

Then one day.

Smiling will Take no effort. 

And everything you ever worked for. 

Will be laying at your feet. 

So keep working hard. 

Be patient. 

Don't worry. 

Don't be angry. 

Stay strong. 

Stay bright. 

And you will find all the tools you need. 

To bring light to the world.

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AziVsH's picture

I Loved This

Totally brightened my day. Thanks, I needed this:)