Life like A cigarette

Life like a cigarette. 

We crave for it. 

We need to feel it. 

In our bodies 

Between our fingers 

 as we lust the sensation 

Of it on our lips. 

We intend to set it on fire. 

And inhale all that we desire. 

As the cigerette burns 

We sit in this beautiful place 

A pleasently present place called the moment. 

To give us time to breathe. 

And take a few seconds to heal 

A realignment as we try collect ourselves. 

We give ourselves pep talks 

And the strength to keep fighting

The cigarette allows you to feel relaxed in life  

When everything around us is in chaos 

We take it all in. And focus in 

On the chemicals in our lungs 

We feel the need to exhale the smoke

Like steam from all the pressure building up. 

To put it all in the past

 As we let all the negativity fizzle out 

As you throw the butt away. 

The cigarette will be forever gone. 

All that is left is the memory 

And the moment. 

The moment is still there my friend. 

The cigarette never even mattered. 

So ask yourself this, 

What is it that truly matters?

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