Notes on Time Traveland philosphy

Is time Travel real?
Its proven time does't move linear

It's percieved as an illusion
you can travel back into the past
But you wouldn’t physically go back there.
it would just be a memory
so if the mind was the time machine
and we went back by commanding ourselves back
and change things that happened by rewriting our memories of what happened. removing emotions.
and any negativity that leaves the memory in our mind
weighting it in our subconscious
To let it flow away

 So we can rewrite the page that was there.

there is proof of this
that in order to rewrite the future
you have to rewrite the past

the future is in the past
Simply, history repeats itself.
yet if we went back and changed history
it would cause a whole different chain of events
projecting the flow of your soul and anchor it to where you felt you would be
what if you go back by not changing anything but the feelings that attract that repeating fractal of history

Time Travel is reached in quantum-sized philosophy.

Not quantum mathematics.
Quantom philosophy
(I may have made that word up.)
It means:

Metaphysics. Magic. Miracles. Dark matter. Astral projection. Meditation. Spirituality.

Were not dealing with facts here.
Since its something many people
consider impossible

Yet We are god. We govern and dictate ourselves.
God is the universe. Universe is god. We are the universe. The Universe is experiencing itself.. So if we change what we experienced By changing how we feel about ourselves. We change the universe.

Time is a dimension.

we already know how to travel forward in time although with our technology it's impractical right now (ie travel at 99.9%the speed of light around the earth for four years and you will arrive back on earth 4 years in the future without aging more than a few minutes). Backwards time travel is tricky, 

nothing in physics says it's impossible although many theories exist.

time is not an illusion, although our perception of time as linear might cause one to think it an illusion even though it's not.

 the 4th dimension is time so hypothetically speaking a 5th dimensional being can see all of time simultaneously,

the way we can gaze at the entirety of a 2 dimensional painting.

I believe in wizards and witches.

We can manifest our futures and make anything possible.

We wrote the laws of physics. We can just as easily bend them.
To travel at the speed of light we travel at the speed of our heart.
While setting the destination with our mind.
I understand to some of you this makes absolutely no sense and you cannot follow it.

That is ok. This makes more than enough sense to me.

These words changed the way I live my life.

The universe in its entire glory exists inside of us.

We can be and do what ever we set our minds to.

Everything exists because I allow it to exist.

We live as ripples of energy through an ocean of energy.
Time is energy, Time is an ocean. Not a garden hose.

The 2nd dimension is two points connected,

the 3rd is depth added (ie a 3rd point of perspective added)

Time being the 4th.

We are beings living between the 3rd and 4th dimensions and that's why time appears linear

Time travel exists in a paradox

Yet changing your perception changes the construction of your reality.

Your thoughts change the world around you.

The mind loves whatever repeats a pleasurable experience from the past.

"I love this" basically means "I love repeating what felt so good before.

History repeats itself.

But if change those experiences that brought us to inner turmoil to something that we love.

by not changing the facts and just removing the emotions and replacing them with positive power emotions of love and happiness.

We will actually propel ourselves down the linear path in the future to where we want to be.

Or where we want to go. Everything that exists in this world exists in the state of or mind set.

Everything you need to travel back forwards lists inside of you.

I know many people who live only in the past.

and live only in the future.

The secret is living and changing the course of history this very moment.

The history of the universe is brought up at every second.

People bring up the past. witch is still creating the past.

they bring it up with gravity and negativity
Emotion is a vibration

when we vibrate at a higher frequency we have the ability to get past the past

with positive emotions  and living in the present

Ill use two examples

First example:

I moved to this town. I lost everything I own becuase people suck. and Life isnt going to get better. and I can't figure out what to do in the presnt.

How does that impact the present

By saying this I actually  allows your negative feelings happen.

making one believe that situation happened


If I thought,

I moved to this town in search of change and to experiance life in a way I never experianced before. So I broke reutines and left everything I known So I could have a potential chance to relearn everything. I accapt the world as what it is.

How does the second one sound.

first is negative.

Creating a viscous cycle of thought that will keep me in a differant reality
To want cake. actually is the means to refuse it.

To say accept cake is allowing the means to obtain it.

Second sounds extremely positive and sounds like you are moving forward,

witch makes you move forward

Everything you say has a potential to change the outcome of the situation and that situation is the universe.

talk as if you are speaking to god at all times. and you will be speaking to god at all times.
Everyone is a time traveler.

It al exists in the mind.

You wont ever recieve physical proof any of us were ever in the past

By creating a memory attached with an emotion.
while believing in yourself that it will happen.
And speaking as if it already happen.
As you Take the shape and play the role
To make it happen.
Will cause that opportunity to happen.
Act as if you already accomplished your goal
and you will accomplish your goal.

Only right now.

Time travel is real.

Its happening right now.

How far back will you go?

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