Sunrise Kisses

6:53am mid-October:

Sunrise kisses the sky in turquoise pink,

Dangling in golden beams-

Biting breeze tangles the trees,

Summer leaves scamper home, down the street...

It's quiet if I try, if it touches my inner space;

Chicken-skinned from watching, imagining, missing-

Missing because it is almost like home-

That security blanket of familiar autumn,

The way the sun awakes 1,876 miles away,

The way the wind curls the branches there;

Opening eyes, feeling a grin stretch across my face,

As if this journey had all been imagined,

And it is now time to move on, with my real life...

But it is hard to waken in this place

...from 1,876 miles away.

So I watch my thoughts glisten in this morning sun,

From this place, this home, this temporary inner-destination;

Witness to the slow decay of summer warmth, spring colors-

Dripping from the sky, revealing the dull, gray-blue canvas;

Bones ache with each venture...

Further into the almost-winter air,

The rare painted sky has passed, in fleeting moments-

I've lost my false home, my security from afar;

Now left with what I don't have, to ponder that,

To feel that absence, to need those sunrise kisses.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written while watching the sunrise while away at college. Something about it reminded me home (gave me that "home" feeling) and inspired me.

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