Still Motion

The silent moan of the moment before impact,

An eternal fraction of a second;

Falling headlong into the unforgiving barricade…

Hearing the bending, breaking of machined steel,

And the cliché sound of shattered still motion.

Her entire body gripped by fear,

The face of a ghost, hollow, empty…

An intrusion of natural laws

…All motion ceases.

Silence joined by the unison scream of

An unconscious body lying against the horn;

The orchestral cacophony swells as siren arrive…

Pulling the survivor from her ride with the reaper,

Writhing in agony, confusion;

In the clenched fingers of fear,

Watching, I stand, above it all,

As if a glimpse from the eye of a higher being,

Feeling the resonance of that silent moan, still motion;

In that still lying moment.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this after witnessing a really bad car accident from an overpass while walking to school one morning.

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Courtney Reis's picture

wow, that must've been horrible to witness, its amazing how such akward things from afar produce such great work. Nice poem, keep it up!