Staring at the World Upside-Down

Nerves stinging with anxiety.

Burning beneath tiny beads of perspiration

forming above my brow.

A million thoughts of tragedy facing

That one of success…

Sitting. Staring at the dots on the page,

Which one will I stumble over?

Which black hole will I sink beneath?

I’m lost in a familiar setting…

(I’ve been here before)

Just never Here, in this very moment,

I know what lies beyond the doors,

I know the routine, the questions,

Their words, critiques, answers;

I know what it is to win and to lose,

Yet I do not know what will become of

this very situation.

So of all the things I do know,

Of them I know nothing in this instance…

Like when I was a child,

Lying in my fathers chair,

With my feet against the headrest,

And my head nestled where feet belong,

Staring at the world upside down,

A mindset in which, unless you remind yourself

of which way is down,

Everything seems right, yet completely wrong.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this the night before an audition. I was just thinking back on all my previous auditions for other things and imagining how the following day would go (and trying to get all these words out of my brain so I could go to sleep!).

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