Her Presence - A Prelude to Night

Her reflection drifts upon a pane of glass,

Staring past the sill and over the balcony’s edge,

Her eyes flutter with the wings of the gulls upon the shore.

Evening rays pierce the translucent barriers of the room,

Earth rotates, revealing the reds and blues of dusk –a prelude to night.

Her milky mocha complexion flows through the glass,

A natural tone, joining the fruits of the untouched world,

Her lower lip translates the pattern of crashing waves,

Drawing upward in a slight motion with each inhalation,

Before returning into the vast blue.

Silken hair floats as wings on the winds,

Hustled ashore by chasing waves, changing tides,

Curling to each whim of the ocean breeze,

Lost in its infinite darkness, yet blinded by its glow.

Refracting rays swirling, engulfing, expanding,

Worldly desires are those defined by individual souls,

Brought on by relations between two,

Realized at the moment of metaphysical- spiritual -unity.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Kind of based on a dream I had where I was captivated by the beauty of a woman standing by a large window looking out over a tropical paradise.

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Matt Pullen's picture

Wow! Awesome writing! I especially loved the imagery...gives off a nice portrait of a pretty woman looking at a beach, on a balcony. Keep writing!

Savannah Tangen's picture

Wow, I listened to some of your guitar playing and MAN!!! Thats some awsome playing. I had no idea you were that good. wow.... *speachless... Well keep playing. Your so advanced I dunno if you could help me out. I was looking for music I could sing along too anyways. But if you can that would be nice. Keep writing too.

Savannah Tangen's picture

Beautiful poem. I sit in aww at your talent. Much enjoyed. Keep writing. By the way, It says you like to play the guitar in your biography. Well I am just learning to play. I was wondering if you had any advice or knew any easy songs to learn. I like music like dashboard confessional and third eye blind.

Jere''s picture

Very impressive!