Ebb and Flow

Shadows of light trickle down,

Illuminating her cherubic eyes,

Softly parting lips reveal a celestial sheen,

Born; a breeze only felt in the nearness of she,

The gentle ebb and flow of the vacancy between us,

Two; guided by the hands of emotive power,

Driven to desires beyond the realm of reality.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a short one. It's a decription of really looking at another's face and feeling that feeling in that moment for the first time.

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Lisa Marie Canfield's picture

a beautiful poem! well written. such expression is felt in this poem!

Dagger Strife's picture

This poem caught my interest so quickly. The words are music. You've got a gift, and the poem might have been short, but it was detailed and beautiful. keep it up, I'll be expecting more from you.


Michelle Duvall's picture

Do you remeber me? You have a way with words, let me tell you! I know the feeling you describe, and you do it well...(except it would be the other way around for me.)