Pt. 1 - Love and Courage

Her tender heart, her flowing beauty,

The siren of my soul,

Sinking 1,000 ships for her melodious anthem; experience her touch,

Surrendering secrets into hers,

Touching deeply without touching at all,

Feeling without feeling,

Her skin, the tone of milky coffee, two sugars,

Her fingers are silken ribbons,

Her smile, cloaks words in shame,

An impossible beauty,

For which description does no justice,

Yet the unspeakable must be brought to words,

Or go unsaid...

An adoration unproclaimed is the heart's suicide,

The soul's growing void,

Only through courage can love be found,

Only through love can courage be realized.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is basically inspiration for living for the moment. If you want something, don't be afraid to go after it...regret is far worse than failure. Have courage; faith...don't give up.

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Jere''s picture

Every young person who falls in love shouldbe issued a copp of this poem. They ought to teach it in the schools. I sure wish it had been around in the 70's.