Dare to Dream

You stare at the same walls not believing anything else could exist;

Dare not dream for fear of awakening into dismal reality

A reality in which you are the puppet on the stage, being made a fool, though this you cannot see.

Eyes of green reflection lay glazen over with selfish indulgence

Ignorance breeds trends, trends lead followers, followers are weak; indifferent,

Oblivious to your eyes, you're entangled in this very web,

Entombed in mainstream society, as eight tiny legs squeeze the life from your limbs until...

The mainstream of society breaks, your righteous trends fall, and with that, your soul dies.

You're no longer living, no longer present, no longer at all.

You claim it's style, you claim its eternal, but you, my friend, are blind of heart, blind of soul; hollow.

You reap what you sow, but if others, for you, sow your seeds, how can you learn tend the fields after            the world has abandoned you? ...You're too much...too little for my pity.

Those unfit for tomorrow will be dissolved into society's room-temperature, day-old, mocha cappuccino

(of whose drinker, dare I say, will soon fall into the depths of your flooded footsteps).

You never dreamt, except of money

You never searched, except for wealth

You were never great, except at the expense of others

Hero?...hardly...hardly anything, indeed.

You can scream and cry and have hysterical fits until your face is blue with frustration,

And your veins pump with the agony of conformity;

But until you dare to dream, your chains will lie unbroken.

Your feet will be forever bound to the earth as society slowly pools around your ankles,

Ever so slowly drowning out every ounce of life and humanity.

Everyone will rise above you and you will fall with your aging bones, an infidel of spirit

Drop to your decaying knees and plea with God to give you another chance!

But your quarter is gone, your game is over, your turn has been skipped, you must return to go without                                       collecting a profit of any kind

Now you are great, now you are rich, now you possess the universe in every wrinkle of your flesh,

"I've got nothing!" you exclaim, and in reply I answer to you this:

"You own the key to the universe! The path you choose is your choice -the door you open, the thoughts           you breed, the dream -you dare to dream.

Copyright Adam Rice 2001. All Rights Reserved.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem that shows the folly of buying into the trends of mainstream society, and giving up your individualism to be like everyone else.

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Anna Dufour's picture

I can relate to this. I have always stayed away from this and act like myself. I hate others who hang with the popular only to be the popular. It's disgusting. And i learned all this the hard way... strong poem ;)

Brooke Stepp's picture

Once again beautiful, and so true. A great point you've made. In our world today, people are far too concerned with trivial pursuits.

DeAnna Shaddy's picture

This is really good. It reminds me of a time when I was just like that and didn't care about anyone but myself. The kick in the butt I got from reading this helped me see something I tried so hard to cover then.
You are something quite extrodinary for someone so young.

Manda Rosser's picture

first of all.... that was amazing! *L* no matter how deep into things i try to get, it always seems that ive just skimmed the surface.. that im lacking the depth even though im thinking about it. you got it right on the money though! great job at expressing everything! *wants to be able to do that*

thanks for the comment on one of my poems. i love getting comments on stuff =)


April Knapp's picture

Adam, I'm glad you have decided to take writing more serious now. You seem to be very good at it....your thoughts and emotions come across clearly. I love how you see society. I tend to see it the same way. We strive for perfection, but in "our" perfection we only see more imperfection. Its sad...

Courtney Rice's picture

I must say that you are truly gifted. You have clearly spelled out how the world works in one simple poem, a mark on a page, if you will. I admire your wisdom and your knowledge to put this into writing!

April Reeves's picture

I think this poem was great, very beatuful and sybolic. I am also very jealous that a guy can write better poetry than myself.