I am no writer.




I am not so skilled a writer, as others I have seen
I'm not so wise or clever, either -
but I place myself with kings.


And I lift myself to such high heights!
Why should I ever boast?
I'm only human.


A rash, shortsighted human being -
why is it we're so blessed?


We make the world about us and our needs
when we ourselves were chosen,
we of all the living things
were treasured most.


We, the sinful people -
for us was sacrificed a King.




Whatever words of mine ring true,
God, let them be golden
and let them be for You.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm nothing, save for my King.

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now im not to religious but

now im not to religious
but was raised to go to church
but if you were nothing
would your god feel the hurt
of a crown of thorns
and the torture he was givin'
you may not be a king but you
are amongst the living
now to be honest a writer is
not measured in readers
write for yourself
and whatever you believe or
write what comes to mind man
let every letter be your microphone
your in good hands
hear on postpoems.

good write

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Thank you Mike...