Tango Del Corazon

Grab her hand pull her close

Secure her arm around you so

Inhale a deep breath just once

And you're set to go

Be careful where you step

But don't keep your eyes on the floor

For this dance is a tricky one

This tango del corazon

Spin her once and feel the rush

As her hair blows past

Glimpse into her eyes just once

Flash her the smile to make her blush

Slide your feet along the marble floor

Feel your heart rush as you float

All the while caught up

In this tango del corazon

Just be careful when you dip her

Hold her tight never let go at all

And no matter what you do

Don't ever ever let her fall

Such a dangerous game you play

One wrong step and it's all ruined

Be careful which way you go

On this tango del corazon

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