In Any Situation

Promise me you'll be by my side

When everything is heavenly and pure

Or when I bring hell fire and brimstone

And trap you in the worst circle of all

Number 7

Hold my hand tight in yours

When we walk calmly in a dreamland

Filled with tulips and daisies

Or sprint through a treacherous war zone

With no escape to a land full of peace

Always be my source of support

When the world is resting in my palm

Or I'm left to balance its weight upon my shoulders

Destined to be the female Atlas

Make me a promise

That you will always love me

When my heart is warm and overflowing with love

Or when it's plagued by an Ice Age

And becomes cold as stone

Just like those who look at the treacherous Medusa

And lastly please promise me

That you will hold my heart close to you

Keep it safely locked away near yours

Only take it out when you have some Elmer's

And want to mend the scars of my broken past

So one day you can have my full heart

In any situation

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