I know the world cant be perfect

Dozens of people have told me so

And Ive heard perfection can never exist

But now I cannot be too sure

I think I found the one thing in this world

That has not one flaw or imperfection

So in my eyes this thing must be

The only perfect object that can possibly exist

This perfect being is so sweet and kind

To everything that deserves kindness

And befriends anybody worthwhile

Of a friend so perfect as this one

Every possible quality it holds is perfect

Every physical. mental, and spiritual quality

The one I value the most though

Is his heart which I possess

I bet its obvious who I find to be perfect

That I need not give a name

He knows who he is trust me

Because I tell him every waking day

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Jewel Phoenix's picture

I couldn't help but go ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...when I read this, your friend(?) sounds lovely and very lucky.