Average Girls

I am not your average girl

the infinite amount of cosmetics

brushes, perfume, hair ties, bowties

and whatever else you can find

in a girls purse will not be mine

I do not spend countless hours in front of a mirror

perfecting every little detail visible

Hiding the most minutely possible fault

dusting away a microscopic speck of dirt

changing the face I was born with so drastically

while painting and warping it into something Ill never know

I choose not to indulge in the latest issue of ym

and compare my petite body frame

to those of the overly thin, almost anorexic girls

whose perfection is ultimately impossible

and thus must be digitally remodeled to a perfect state

I must never be one of the many

who count every calorie, every carb

and every shred of a carrot that they eat

so they never go over their limit by a single calorie

and never, ever gain even half and ounce

I never could get along with many girls

never could put up with the gossip

the whole he said, she said, they said and the monkeys said

I never could understand it, never will

because Im not like them, not the average girl

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Kris McConnachie's picture

Great satarisation and a good message. More people need to see things this way.
I especially liked how you refer to those girls as the "average" rather it being the other way around: always referred as the "beautiful" ones and those who have enough self-respect to like themselves for the way they are as "average".

Colin McNamara's picture

Awesome... I could not agree with you more. People need to wake up and appreciate the bodies they were given... not go off and pull a Michael Jackson to change themselves for the better.

Hope to see more cool stuff satirizing other people