The duration of the epoch I must capitulate to

Seems to linger on for an era in perpetuity

Until the moment my sepia eyes have the befalling

To scrutinize the face of the being that has conquered

The barricaded fortress of solitude that is my heart

An uncharted territory of destruction

That I erstwhile vied to keep sequestered

From all vile and callous male suitors

Whose only incentive was to bring it to turmoil.

However this one is different, he makes my heart melt

With every nectareous articulation that he modulates

In the utmost candor and genuineness

From the depths of his heart bounteous with love.

The very meditation of being with this culminating man

Sends a boreal chill down the base of my elongated spine

Causes my distracted mind to wander

And my thoughts to be a patchwork of potpourri

Incites the element of time to move in retrograde

As I am forced to become wont

To this torturing innervation I call anticipation

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Nick Mylan's picture

I love this poem oo soo much. It is sooo amazing. Good job hun, keep up the good work. much much love <3