Keep Me Warm

When the brisk winter air

sharply stings my bare skin

sending deep chills down my spine

cuddle with me and keep me warm.

When I'm angry at the world

with a fire hot temper

but a heart of stone cold ice

Give me a kiss and keep me warm.

When the world leaves me

battered, beaten and crushed

alone in a gray chilly room

please rescue me and keep me warm.

And when all others desert me

and make my life empty

with a soul void of any heat

give me your love and keep me warm.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to my boyfriend. Without him I'd be nothing

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Nick Mylan's picture

Why are girls are always cold and talking bout getting warm... I think they just need someone to cuddle with ;) This poem is awesome though. I wish a girl would write a poem like this for me... Id love her for ever haha.