Imaginary Kiss

The incessant movie rolls along

In the winter cold pitch black Loews

Depressing images of a short term war

And the insane loneliness of the Jarheads

An intriguing, captivating and enthralling movie

But not good enough to keep my mind fixed

My senses are heightened and my mind wanders

To the feel of his fingers entangled in mine

The security of his arms wrapped around my slim body

And a quick glimpse of his serene eyes

That dart to meet mine as I turn with a blush on my face

Rolling waves of shyness wash my heart to my stomach

And make the butterflies stir and fly about

As I catch a sight of his lips and wonder

How they would feel upon mine

Even if just for a moment of bliss

Liplocked for a memory stuck in time

That is, at least, only in my mind

For like the cowardly lion I back away

And left it to be an imaginary kiss.

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Nick Mylan's picture

This poem kicks major ass!! And Im sure you will get that kiss someday ;)