Love’s trap has me bound

Like a hostage in shackles

Or a bird in a steel cage

I'm trying to constantly break free

And explore

The world of freedom and possibilities

That eagerly awaits my arrival.

My hands and legs are stuck

In the cuffs of romance

Leaving me paralyzed and unable to go

To where my heart is

Flying free in the clear blue sky

Teasing me to join it

And explore this new world of mystery

Some say the grass is greener on the other side

But I can only get a peek

Because my eyes are covered

By the thin cloth of commitment

My vision of what I may have

On the other side

Is blurred and disjointed

Which makes things evermore confusing

Another soul waits for me on the other side

Bound by the suffering of solidarity

Trying ever so slightly to break me free

And allow me to enjoy freedom

Before joining this soul

And becoming bound again

In the warm embrace of a new relationship

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Nick Mylan's picture

Love is a trap and it sucks :( but this poem kicks my ass. good job hun ;)